Tuesday, December 29, 2015





Thursday, December 24, 2015


2015 has been a magical year to our family, with the addition of Caleb as our youngest family member! He was a quiet and gentle natured 1.5 year old when we first met him, and soon turned to be a cheerful, sociable and talkative young guy who captured the hearts of many. His presence has brought to us much joy and surprises!

The family life with three children could be hectic and tiring at times, but Connie has been enjoying her full time mothering role. She has been learning and fascinated with the exciting side of having a boy at home. Her mornings are spent with sweet little Caleb, while the late afternoons and evenings are reserved for Abby and Elly (and their homework and studies). She could not accomplish what she could achieve without the unfailing support from her parents.

Abby is now a third grader and has been learning and excelling in her own way. She has grown a lot taller and her appetite has increased a great deal. Approaching her 10th birthday soon, we feel ready (and challenged!) to be with her as she enters the new era of teenage! We are proud also to see her enjoying her participation in her school choir and her regular hip hop class.

Elly has become our proud first grader in this past months. It has been a great adjustment for her but she has been trying her best. She is the same sweet and considerate girl and she has made a lot of good friends at school. As an energetic young girl, she has been enjoying her ballet class, baseball practices and school gymnastics training. We are proud to see her flourishing in various ways.

Philip has always been too busy juggling between work, family and ministry; while having no time in writing this. Period. He is hoping that 2016 will be a different year than this.